10 Catchiest Rock Songs That Suck

8. Fat Lip – Sum 41 (2001)

The world of naughties pop-punk was a mix of short-sleeve shirts worn over long-sleeve shirts, liberal applications of hair gel, three quarter length shorts and songs like this...

Sum 41 became synonymous with all the aspects of pop-punk most bands wanted to avoid. For all their insistence on being anti-authority they were hopelessly inoffensive, harmlessly fun, somewhat endearing, and painfully uncool.

The legacy of this song has both suffered and benefited from the incessant air play it received. It's become so ingrained in the zeitgeist it's come to represent the early 2000s as much as the American Pie franchise.

This music undoubtably has its virtues , even the most stoic and pretentious hipster types are likely to bop around when they hear it come on. But for all that, you can't get away from the irritating nature of Sum 41 as a band.

Something strange happens when this song comes on. When the irritatingly bouncy guitar hook starts, someone instantly requests the track be turned off, then Deryck Whibley's annoying vocals begin.

Pretty soon you're gearing up for the rap section.

By the time the songs over, you're out of breath from all the pop-punk bouncing and the sheer amount of passion you just injected into the chorus.


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