10 Flawless Live Albums In Rock Music

9. Bullet In a Bible - Green Day

The mid '00s was a pretty tense time to be living in the US. Outside of the Bush administration leading the country into a war with suspicious motives, there was also a fear of being judged by your fellow citizens if you even thought about speaking out against the war. So when Billie Joe Armstrong managed to make the most punk rock statement of his career, it might have been a good idea to bring it to the UK first.

Setting up shop in Milton Keynes in England, the songs off of American Idiot sound absolutely electric on Bullet in a Bible. Along with having one of the single coolest album names in history, you can really hear the menace in Billie Joe's voice as he takes on these songs. Free from the limitations of what constituted punk rock, this is the first time we got to see him turn into the rock star frontman that we always knew he could be, leading the charge on St. Jimmy before stripping things back on songs like Wake Me Up When September Ends.

Even the earlier tracks on here don't skimp out on the intensity, as the band absolutely go for broke on Hitchin A Ride and Longview while also showing their playful side on their interpolation of the Isley Brothers' Shout on King For a Day. Punk rock....you've now hit the big leagues.

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