10 Flawless Live Albums In Rock Music

8. Alive! - KISS

For most casual rock fans, the live album has become a bit of a lost art. Since most of us live in the days of streaming, putting money behind a live DVD or even a live record of material seems more like a throwaway release for only the hardcore fans to pick up. In the era of vinyl though, they were enough to save the careers of rock's most notorious monsters.

Despite being one of the main concert draws of the early '70s, KISS's studio records would sink like a stone whenever they hit shelves. Considering they couldn't capture their live energy in a studio, they brought in Jimi Hendrix producer Eddie Kramer to record some of their biggest concerts in Cobo Hall in Detroit, where the music came alive right from the getgo.

From the minute this record starts, you're basically listening from the perspective of the front row of a KISS concert, with each member unleashing hell. Though you might not be able to see the more theatrical moments like Gene Simmons spitting blood or Ace Frehley shooting rockets, you can still feel the intensity, as Paul Stanley commands the crowd like some glorious rock and roll evangelist. KISS might not be a band that you have to take all that seriously, but the vibes coming off of this record is enough to turn any potential fans into believers.

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