10 Genuine Reactions That Made Songs Better

Sometimes even artists can't help but get excited when they're recording.

The Clash Joe Strummer
Studio One

The process of recording music has changed considerably over the years. Whereas, originally, all songs were recorded live in the studio, technological advancements have enabled artists to record each instrument, and vocals individually.

Yet, despite these advancements, the finished piece of music isn't always as polished as it initially sounds to our ears. Sometimes, if you listen carefully, you can hear little background noises that you probably missed first time round. These noises can be mishaps picked up by the mics, or someone reacting to what is happening in the studio.

Whatever the reason, they usually add to the finished recording rather than spoil it for our ears. It can be genuinely thrilling to hear someone react to the magic that is going on the studio - to know that the artists recording the songs are just as excited making music as you are listening to it. It can also be quite amusing to know that some of these reactions happened due to mistakes they made during recording.

No matter why they ended up on the record, once you hear them the first time, you wait for them every time afterwards.

10. Louie Louie - The Kingsmen

The history of this song will always be remembered for the FBI's 31 month investigation into the supposed obscenity and subversiveness of the nearly unintelligible lyrics. Unsurprisingly, the FBI were not able to find anything wrong in the songs words, no matter how hard they tried. Yet the one thing the FBI didn’t seem to pick up on was an "F" bomb in the recording.

The actual recording of song, itself, is filled with errors. Singer, Jack Ely's vocals are hard to understand due to the mics being positioned too high in the studio. At one point he comes in too soon after the lead guitar break, and the song, as a whole, was unintentionally recorded in the wrong time signature.

But, it is a mistake by the drummer, Lynn Easton, that first hits your ears. Around the 0.54 mark on the record, Easton can be heard yelling “f***”, in the background. He did this due to messing up a drum solo. It is a funny moment in a fun song, but it leaves you wondering what the FBI were looking for when investigating the song.

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