10 Genuine Reactions That Made Songs Better

9. Rearviewmirror - Pearl Jam

From a drummer swearing to a drummer showing his frustration whilst recording. This particular incident occurred whilst Pearl Jam recorded the song Rearviewmirror for their second album, Vs.

Although Dave Abbruzzese had been on tour with the band for the previous year, this was his first time recording with the rest of the band. Admittedly, Abbruzzess was someone who didn’t exactly see eye to eye with the rest of his bandmates. Nevertheless, it was the album’s producer, Brendan O’Brien, who was the source of Abbruzzese’s irritation.

Abbruzzese felt as though too much pressure was being put on him by O’Brien whilst recording Rearviewmirror. As the recording of the song came to an end the drummer threw his drum sticks against the studio wall, which can clearly be heard at the end of the record as the guitars fade out.

Even after the recording Abbruzzese was still incensed. The story goes that he punched a hole through his snare drum, which he subsequently threw off the side of a cliff. He would be fired by the band a year later citing personality differences.

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