10 Great Covers Of The Beatles' Songs

9. All You Need Is Love - The Flaming Lips

Could there be a more fitting band to cover this eccentric, psyche-tinged Beatles' classic than The Flaming Lips? The Lips' released their first album in 1986, but it was a trio of classic records beginning with 1999's The Soft Bulletin, followed by Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots and At War With The Mystics, which cemented their reputation as purveyors of extraordinarily inventive modern psychedelia.

The original All You Need Is Love was released as an independent single in 1967, written by Lennon specifically for the ground-breaking TV show, Our World – a remarkable global showcase of artistic talent from nineteen different nations broadcast live by satellite. The Beatles appeared on this international extravaganza alongside Maria Callas and Pablo Picasso.

Lennon and co were apparently less than enthusiastic when they discovered that their manager, Brian Epstein, had put the band forward for the Our World project. Opinion is divided as to whether All You Need Is Love was written specifically for the broadcast or chosen after the fact.

As you might expect, The Flaming Lips sound right at home here, transforming the song into a hazy, multi-coloured experience.


Chris Wheatley is a journalist and writer from Oxford, UK. He has too many records, too many guitars and not enough cats.