10 Great Rock Bands Who Never Released An Album

9. Intaferon

We move into the 1980s with this entry: short-lived UK New Wave duo Intaferon, aka Simon Fellowes and Simon Gillham, who released three singles and, despite generating a fair amount of critical acclaim, vanished without a trace. Despite that, the band's best-known track, Get Out Of London, still crops up from time to time, often in the most unlikely of places.

That song, in its time, was enough to secure Intaferon a deal with Chrysalis Records, and featured in the now-cult TV Show, Max Headroom – a ground-breaking proto-cyberpunk music video programme, which featured Matt Frewer as the voice of pseudo-computer-generated host, Max Headroom.

The Max Headroom show, and the TV-movie which spawned it, are well worth tracking down, and Intaferon's Get Out Of London remains a compelling listen. As to the band, Simon Fellowes went on to enjoy a modest solo career in music and film and publish several novels, including Don't Breath The Air, which is set against the backdrop of the underbelly of the rock 'n roll scenes in London and LA. Simon Gillham became a teacher of philosophy, specializing in the work of Nietzsche. Get Out Of London is the only entry on this list to have enjoyed an official music video.

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