10 Greatest Comeback Albums In Rock

9. The Hunting Party - Linkin Park

Looking at the evolution of Linkin Park from their early days to the beginning of the 2010's almost feels like night and day in some spots. For all of the great music to come off of every release they made, it doesn't even feel like albums like Meteora and A Thousand Suns were made by the same band, with their alt rock period going down some more electronic roads. Living Things may have been the soft reboot for classic Linkin Park, but the Hunting Party is the kind of record that metal fans had been waiting for since the final moments of Numb.

When going into the studio, Mike Shinoda had mentioned how he felt that rock and roll had lost its attitude, and the focus on this album was to make the kind of heavy record that the band would have wanted to hear as kids. While you still have some classic Linkin Park ballads on here like Until It's Gone, the emphasis is on the punch behind the tracks, like the punk rock thrash of War or bringing on veterans to lend a hand like Rakim on Guilty All the Same or Page Hamilton's verse on Rebellion.

Even when they do go down the rabbit hole of Linkin Park sounding tunes, tracks like Final Masquerade and Mark the Graves tend to have a lot more weight in their delivery, almost like they're trying to create an entire movie playing in your head as you soak it all in. While the pop centric sounds of One More Light may have been just around the corner, this was originally a sign that the old Linkin Park were done resting on their laurels and were getting ready to bring rock back to the top of the charts.

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