10 Greatest Thrash Metal Albums Of All Time

5. Testament - The New Order

Testament Track List: 1. Eerie Inhabitants 2. The New Order 3. Trial By Fire 4. Into The Pit 5. Hypnosis 6. Disciples Of The Watch 7. The Preacher 8. Nobody's Fault 9. A Day Of Reckoning 10. Musical Death (A Dirge) Stand out track: Into the Pit. Up there with Metallica's Whiplash as thrash metals ultimate anthem. A call to arms for all thrashers and two and a half minutes of glorious, head banging perfection. Only their second album and Testament were already wiping the floor with their contemporaries. How these guys never turned the Big 4 into the Big 5 is beyond me as this record proves that with one of the most versatile vocalists in Thrash (Chuck Billy, take a bow) and a guitar virtuoso (Alex Skolnik) in their ranks, their place at the top of the Thrash pile should have been guaranteed. Featuring classic harsh cuts such as 'Into The Pit', 'Disciples Of The Watch', 'Trial By Fire' and also a surprisingly good, thrashed up, version of Aerosmith's 'Nobodys Fault' this is a faultless record from Thrash Metal's heyday. Hitting the comeback trail in 2008, Testament are arguably the finest thrash band still producing new material today and hopefully their time to reap much deserved rewards has finally come.
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