10 Hard Rock Songs By The Beatles

9. Day Tripper

Once the second half of the 60's were turning a corner, the band were also progressing by leaps and bounds. In their formative years, the Fabs were playing above-average rock music with unique touches of pop smarts. Once fans heard "Day Tripper," they knew that the Beatles were up to something different.

Instead of the jaunty feeling of the band's previous singles, John Lennon's complicated opening lick is one of the greatest guitar parts of the 60's. With bands like the Kinks and the Rolling Stones providing a much harsher sonic attack, Lennon surpassed all of them by showing how the Beatles could still rock with the best of them.

The song is also one of the band's most sarcastic, as the song talks about a girl who is putting on a facade to her lover. She may look like the one you'll love until the end, but there's no bringing down someone who only plays one night stands. The song culminates in one of the band's greatest breakdowns, as George Harrison's guitar fills ascend up the neck before Ringo leads you back into the initial groove. With the 60's Revolution about to get underway, the Beatles showed that they were more than willing to see the possibilities beyond the standard pop song.

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