10 Hit Songs You Had No Idea Used Samples

From MIA to LEN, Billie Eilish to Bruno Mars, everyone loves a free sample!

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Music is always evolving.

Sometimes, that evolution is a slow, arduous effort that takes years upon years before any discernible difference is made. Trends morph and tastes develop at a protracted pace, with one form tediously and interminably reinventing itself until eventually it is almost unrecognisable from the music that came before it...

Not unlike the evolution of nature itself.

Other times, it's a lot more straightforward. A musician hears something they like, and decide they'd like something similar in their song. They take a piece of the old sound, tweak it, transform it, develop it, and experiment with it until they've created something brand spanking new. That, or they take a few bars of an already existing beat, stick it on a loop and slap it right into a new song. It's a much more pronounced, obvious form of evolution that is much easier to track and determine...

Not unlike the evolution of a Pokémon.

And you know what? Pokémon are really cool. Probably even cooler than nature.

And so is sampling.

Pretty sure we've proven our point here. Shall we get right into it?

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