10 Massive Music Acts Of 2013 Who Just Won't Last

9. 'New' Miley Cyrus

Our dear little Hannah Montana seems to have grown up since we last saw her innocent little face. Miley Cyrus, most likely one of the most talked about celebrities of 2013, has been going off the rails ever since she began 'twerking' that latex rear-end of hers. Twerk here, twerk there, her vulgar and highly sexualised musical style has put her at the forefront of every cultural news site. Even though her actual singing talents remain at a high level, people are more interested in being shocked by her strange nude music videos rather than hearing what she has to say. Many critics argue that her recent attitude is but a mere publicity stunt. However, should this be true, surely Miley will end up getting a bit sick of all this abuse and attention she's receiving and revert back to her old cute innocent self that kept her tongue in her mouth and didn't have gluteus maximus muscle-spasms. Even then, the music industry is becoming more and more daring and who knows what artists like Shakira and Rihanna have got in store for us (even though those two really do entertain us well already).
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