10 Mistakes That Made It Onto Famous Rock Songs

9. Kurt’s Early Arrival - Nirvana's Polly

Nevermind by Nirvana changed the musical landscape in a big way when it came out in 1991, prompting disenfranchised youths up and down America to pick up a guitar and make as much noise as possible.

Of all the many great songs on the record, Polly is often overlooked. It wasn't released as a single and is a largely acoustic number on an album full of hard rock bangers.

However, with its lyrics pertaining to feminism and women's rights (partially inspired by the real-life kidnapping and torture of a young girl), it's definitely worth a closer listen. If you choose to do this, you'll hear lead singer Kurt Cobain get it totally wrong.

About two minutes into the song, Cobain sings the words "Polly said", which are supposed to come at the start of the third verse. Only problem is he arrives at the line too early, during what was supposed to be an instrumental break.

The band clearly liked the way it sounded, as they left the blunder in the final take, and, to be honest, if you didn't know it wasn't supposed to be there, you wouldn't think anything of it.


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