10 Most Bizarre Celebrity Cameos In Music Videos

9. Mila Kunis - Aerosmith's Jaded

Going ever so slightly further back in time to 2001, Aerosmith's Jaded was a slightly more muted occasion. Albeit only in comparison to having an entire circus unfold in the desert.

Jaded was taken from Just Push Play, the 13th studio album by Aerosmith, and was debuted publicly at the American Music Awards and played during the half-time show at Super Bowl XXXV.

The official video sees the rock legends take to the Los Angeles Theater to tell the story of a girl who had become emotionally numb after losing touch with reality and, in the lyrics of Steven Tyler, been jaded by him. The extravagant video sees Aerosmith performing the track interspersed with a narrative which follows the girl through an endless hallway and into a forest, with a poignant undercurrent running throughout.

While the jaded girl in question was Steven Tyler's daughter Liv, her role in the video was portrayed by Mila Kunis.

While Kunis has gone on to become one of the biggest stars on the planet from movies such as Ted, Friends With Benefits and, of course, her iconic portrayal of Meg from Family Guy, the Ukraine-born actress was only 19 years old with a résumé of TV show appearances under her belt when she teamed up with Steven Tyler et al.

The critically-acclaimed video was awarded Best Hard Rock Clip of the Year at the Billboard Music Video Awards.


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