10 Most Infamous People In Rock Music History

9. Gene Simmons - KISS

Rock and roll has always been about no rules. When you try to make a living by just following in the footsteps of your influences, you’re going to fall flat on your face, so you may as well do what you want to do. Just make sure that kind of ego doesn’t go to your head…because you can often end up like Gene Simmons.

Though it’s no secret Gene is grateful for every single fan who got KISS to the level of rock gods, he’s not exactly known as the friendliest character outside of the Demon persona. When he’s not clad in makeup, Gene has had many instances where he goes a little bit overboard talking about the branding of the KISS empire, to the point of building the merchandise game up for rock bands from KISS lunchboxes to KISS coffins.

Since he’s also been in the game a lot longer, he has also become known for calling it like he sees it, like saying that the Ramones never really made it as a rock band and being not so subtle about his tasteless sexual escapades that went down back in the ‘70s. Outside of the usual rock star obnoxious behavior, seeing Gene offstage makes you realize just how much corporate power is behind some of the most authentic of rock bands. Because for all of the anarchy of rock and roll, this is still a business, and Gene Simmons will never let us forget it.

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