10 Most Legendary Horrible Gigs In Rock Music History

9. The La's Final Performance

The entire construction of the La's from the start of their career had always been a bit of a mess. In the wake of Lee Mavers never being satisfied with the studio version of his songs, the label ended up forcing them to put out their self titled record after giving them a deadline to create their first batch of songs. Mavers was a perfectionist though, and he was not really willing to give up control all that often.

As the band continued to play shows around the English pub circuit for years, John Power became more and more fed up with Mavers insisting on honing their first handful of songs until they were absolutely perfect. Though Power did eventually get permission from Mavers to incorporate some of his own songs into the mix, he was always still at arm's length, having been a part of the band in the early days and still barely getting any feedback from Lee on whether or not his songs were any good.

The whole thing ended up coming to a head in their final performance when Lee wouldn't even bother to sing the backup vocals on one of John's new songs, which led to a massive fight once John changed some of the lyrics to "won't you sing the backup vocals" during the show. Though Lee continued on indefinitely with the La's while never actually putting out a proper record, Power went his separate way with the band Cast, shutting the door on his old friend for good.


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