10 Most Underrated Beatles Songs

8. Think For Yourself - Rubber Soul

George Harrison's songs during the Beatles' tenure have always been a little surprise whenever they turn up. Although it would be fine to just pad out an album with exclusively Lennon/McCartney material, Harrison's contributions were always a little more genuine than the straightforward love songs you were used to. Once Rubber Soul broke down the doors of what could be done, George decided to get salty on Think For Yourself.

Then again, it's not really George that's doing most of the heavy lifting on this song. Is there something about the guitar that seems a little bit off to you? Well, that's because most of the lead on this song is not actually a guitar, but Paul's bass with a ton of fuzz on it. This gives the whole song a much nastier bite, which really is needed when you look at the lyrics.

Instead of the typical doe-eyed love songs, George holds nothing back in letting his lady love know what he thinks of her, telling her that she has to think for herself in the future because he's kicking her to the curb.

There are also a few times when you'll have to break out the old thesaurus for something, being one of the few pop songs that has words like 'opaque' and 'rectify' in it. You listen to the song for the groove, and then you walk away with an English lesson.

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