10 Most Underrated Beatles Songs

7. Fixing a Hole - Sgt. Peppers

It's become a cliche at this point to call Sgt. Peppers a perfect album.

Even though the Beatles did have lightning in a bottle here, the timing of this album's release was equally as perfect, kicking off the Summer of Love and branching out into different ideas that no one else could have imagined before.

In between the Eastern mysticism and hard rock edge though, there was a lot more throwbacks on here than you remember.

As we get past the classic rock gems like Getting Better, Fixing a Hole is one of the weirdest songs on the album, with Paul McCartney talking about home repair. While it's easy to substitute the fixing a hole metaphor with expanding your mind through drugs, the real draw of the song is the chords, which are more suited to jazz than to rock and roll.

Though you'd hear stuff like this on an old jazz record from the '20s, the feel is decidedly rock, with the vocal and drums swinging and strutting their way through the song.

If anything, this ended up being a precursor for the 'granny' style songs that Paul would start to write a few years down the line like Your Mother Should Know, only with a more sophisticated tone this time around. Considering every song on Pepper changed the game, this is the kind of song that walked so a band like Steely Dan could run.

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