10 Most Underrated Female Rock Bands Of All Time

9. Girlschool

A lot of people usually point to the punk wave as the moment where the age of female rock started to kick into high gear. That's not necessarily true though. Although Debbie Harry and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth were born from the New York club scene in CBGB's, we still had the likes of Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks carrying the torch for female rockers. Hell, all the way on the other side of the pond, we already had Girlschool teaching this brand of snotty rock and roll.

While not necessarily punk at their core, there's something decidedly garage rock about most of the band's work, which comes from coming up in the same types of clubs that birthed the glam rock movement from around the same time. That's not really Girlschool's bag though. Looking to make a bit more hard rock, a lot of these songs can be a lot closer to the garage rock of a band like Steppenwolf, only given a lot more attitude behind the vocals.

There are also only an elite few rock bands who have been able to get the Lemmy seal of approval, and Girlschool belong in that category for their duet with the Motorhead frontman on Please Don't Touch. As much as they might play up their looks, these ladies could kick your ass if you're not careful.

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