10 Most Underrated Foo Fighters Songs

9. Bridge Burning - Wasting Light

For most of the greatest rock bands, there's a finite amount of time where you can do the most damage. After having 2 decades under your belt though, that's when you start to lose the plot and have many of your hardcore fans wondering if you have anything left to say. Since The Foos had already reached the heights of stardom, the only natural thing was to reel things back and get raw.

Though Wasting Light is by far one of the strongest Foo Fighters records from front to back, Bridge Burning is the single greatest opener that they have ever had for a record. Starting with the dead mutes from Dave on guitar, you can virtually feel the song erupt when the guitars really kick in, which sound so much more natural on the analog tape that they were using with Butch Vig.

This isn't the same kind of arena rock that we had gotten used to anymore. Once they reached the top, this is the kind of punk rock attitude that the Foos had kept under wraps for a while, only to have it come roaring back with a vengeance. It may have been the garage rock mentality, or it could be The Germs' Pat Smear returning on guitar, but the Foos' somehow grabbed ahold of their bulldog tendencies again.

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