10 Most Underrated Rock Albums Of The '90s

9. SAP - Alice in Chains

The title of "underrated" is mentioned too often that it almost becomes a cliche at this point. Unless you're an album like Thriller or Rumours, chances are you're going to be put in the underrated category just because you failed to live up to...y'know...perfection. To get to the real lost gems, you have records like SAP that were pretty much designed to be ignored.

Compared to the other mainstream EP Jar of Flies, SAP by Alice in Chains didn't get enough love because...well, it's not supposed to exist. In between the record Facelift and going into record Dirt, Alice was in the studio on commission from Cameron Crowe to write what would become Would? for the Singles soundtrack. Since they finished up early though, they banged out these handful of acoustic tunes and put them in the stores without telling anybody.

That way, this would be the ultimate fan record, that only the diehard AIC fans would actually know about. Ultimately, this acts as a great warm up for Jar of Flies, with songs like Got Me Wrong and Brother having that slightly twisted feeling that you get from all classic Alice in Chains music. Facelift might be the heavier release, but this is the raw and tender side of the band right before they sent us on a slipway to Hell.

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