10 Most Underrated Rock Songs Of The 2000s

9. Supersonic - Pearl Jam

By the time we reached the end of the '00s, the old guard of grunge really started to feel like yesterday's news. While acts like Nirvana and Soundgarden had long since disbanded at this point, Dave Grohl was probably the only guy who got another worthwhile career with the Foo Fighters. That is, until Pearl Jam hit back one more time with Backspacer.

Across Supersonic, Pearl Jam really started to get acquainted with the hard rock that made them great to begin with, almost feeling like a long lost MC5 tune if you weren't paying attention. Aside from the bluesy guitar flavoring of Mike McCready, this could have easily passed for just a straight ahead punk tune, which gave a lot more diversity to the album's ballads like the End and Just Breathe.

Above all else, this is the kick in the ass that Pearl Jam really needed at this stage in their career. Up until this point, the Seattle legends' last few records were really starting to show their age, going down weird art rock directions that left a lot of the old guard cold. Though the Fixer put us on solid ground, this was the announcement that confirmed that Pearl Jam were back in full force. Forget the dirges, it's time to kick out the jams again.

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