10 Music Moments That Shocked The World

So much for peace and love.

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Music is reliant on much more than just sound. If an artist connects with their audience through a listening experience, it can be transcendent. But as pop music came to fruition, many fans were focusing on these stars for everything other than what they could hear.

Since they're in the spotlight, the personal lives of musicians tend to become common knowledge. And that's when people pick up on the fact that a lot of musicians are much weirder than you think.

Over the years, there have been plenty of rock star shenanigans and awful moments that have made people do more than a few double takes. These range from heartbreaking deaths to extravagant drug habits, to simply over-inflated egos.

It's almost as if there are more bizarre music tales in the pop intelligentsia than there are actual musicians.

These events have shown that the music industry is not the fantasy land that everyone thinks of. Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes things go right. And sometimes things go downright weird.

That's the nature of the music industry, really: Anything goes.

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