10 Music Moments That Shocked The World

9. "We're More Popular Than Jesus" - The Beatles/John Lennon

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In 1966, the Beatles were in the middle of a prolific period of songwriting that includes some of the best 60's music ever written. But that didn't stop Beatles devotees from getting up in arms about John Lennon's biblical comments.

In an interview regarding the Beatles' popularity, Lennon offhandedly mentioned that the band was more popular than Jesus. This caused a humongous schism in the fanbase for Christians who did not take kindly to what Lennon said. Though Lennon apologized months later for his comments being taken out of context, the damage had already been done.

Many fans picketed Beatles records around the world. To add injury to insult, the group also became paranoid that they would be assassinated when they toured in the Bible Belt of America.

But this one is #10 because it most likely would not be as controversial if it were said today, with people being more open about speaking publicly about religious topics. Even for the 40th anniversary of the Beatles White Album, the Vatican officially forgave Lennon as well. So it's safe to say that this controversy has been officially put to rest.

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