10 Musical Shifts That Fell Flat On Their Face

The disastrous left-turns.


It's always admirable seeing an artist reach outside of their comfort zone. Though their rabid fans might only know them for playing a certain type of music, these guys go against the grain and try to prove that they are equally comfortable molding them into a new sound.

While it can be very rewarding in some cases, doing a new style poorly can be just as dangerous.

Whereas a lot of bands put time and effort into learning these new styles of music before playing, this lot dove head first into a new style and came up empty. Instead of having songs that went in bold new directions, these tracks came off lifeless, cynical, and just meaningless for the band's hardcore fanbase.

Oftentimes, the failure can just be an experiment gone wrong, but at the worst of times, this could be a cheap way to get fans excited about your next subject instead of...y'know...writing good material. All of these artists may have built up a humongous amount of fans over the years, but these are the abrupt shifts that even the diehards couldn't defend.

The musicians might be here in name, but this is not the music you are looking for.

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