10 One-Hit Wonders Who Deserved A Second Hit

6. Augustana

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ASJBXu8tNo Perhaps unfairly lumped in with the other brooding piano songwriters of the mid-aughts (Keane, The Fray, Snow Patrol), California-based Augustana fell victim to the typical curse of the record industry: Release a song that sounds like whatever is currently being played on the radio, watch the song skyrocket up the charts, then stand back as the general public quickly fatigues of the once-popular sound now eternally linked to the band. But, breakthrough hit "Boston" aside (which was actually re-recorded as a radio single), much of the band's debut album is grittier and less polished than their supposed peers. To use a Coldplay analogy (since every major critic of the band did), Augustana was less X&Y and more Parachutes. Unfortunately, the band's follow-up album was briskly shoved aside, and they reacted by producing one of the schmaltziest soft rock offerings of the recent past with their third release, firmly losing any chance of coming back bigger and better after a sophomore slump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMoKI02WgIg
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