10 Perfect 1970s Rock Albums With No Bad Songs

9. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John

Once the '70s really started to unfold, Elton John was about to go on a winning streak for the ages. Across every single album he created at the time, there were always a handful of songs that withstood the test of time, from Tiny Dancer and Levon to the tracks like Honky Cat and Rocket Man. Even though the idea of a double album may have seemed daunting, Elton came up for air with some of the most beautiful melodies of his career.

Just the opening side of the record is enough to sell you on the entire thing, from the opening epic of Funeral for a Friend to singing along with the live energy of Bennie and the Jets. Since Elton has more to operate with here, you also get peeks into other parts of his songwriting, from the urgency of the song Grey Seal to the nostalgic look back at childhood on Roy Rogers.

You can't talk about a record like this without bringing up Bernie Taupin's immortal wordplay, as he paints vivid pictures of what it's like to live the rock star life while also dreading what life might have in store later. While nothing might last forever, the songs on here are definitely a good way to remember all the good times you've had.

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