10 Perfect Albums Ruined By One Song

9. Something 2 Dance 2 - NWA

So...you've just bore witness to the strength of street knowledge going through N.W.A's Straight Outta Compton. Almost every single track on here is a banger, whether it's MC Ren getting his villain persona on in the song If It Ain't Ruff or having the vibes flowing on the song Express Yourself. And to wrap it all up in a nice bow, we have an outtake that brings the entire vibe of the record to a halt.

Usually when an album is this strong, you'd have something to close things off better than this. While Quiet on Tha Set wasn't an ideal way to close things out, this entire track just feels like a random dance joint that Dre slapped together to make the record sound fun. It also makes zero sense coming out of these guys, especially after everything we just heard.

This is the kind of slick talking primitive rap that we got used to from people like Run DMC...what's it doing here right next to Straight Outta Compton and F*** the Police? When paired with the electro sounding beats as well, this feels less like it should be playing over the streets of Compton and belongs in some random nightclub frequented by some of the dorkiest friends you know. That's not the song's fault...it's just pacing. This doesn't feel like a grand final statement...it's just putting something together so the record can end.

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