10 Perfect Beatles Songs With No Flaws

8. I Am the Walrus - Magical Mystery Tour

Just because the Beatles had taken a break from the road didn't mean that they had fully run out of gas or anything. In the next few years, the band would eventually push themselves in ways they didn't even think were possible, from different tape effects to stringing different songs together almost by studio wizardry. Sgt. Peppers may have been our warning sign of weird things around the corner, but I Am the Walrus was the equivalent of jumping off the deep end.

While John admitted to coming up with the first few lines of the song on an acid trip, the genesis of the song began when he heard about Liverpool schoolchildren being taught the meaning of Beatles lyrics in their schools. In what became the first ever trolling song, John wrote the lyrics to this song to intentionally not make sense, bringing together surrealistic images like elementary penguins, semolina pilchards, and sitting on a cornflake while waiting for a van.

As much as the actual lyrics of the record might be on the bizarre side, the music is something ripped straight out of Alice in Wonderland, from beginning with a piano to choirs singing gibberish to just having bits and pieces from Shakespeare's King Lear being broadcast over a radio in the studio. Though the rest of the '60s were about to descend into madness, this is the kind of controlled chaos that inspired millions going forward.

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