10 Perfect Metal Albums With No Bad Songs

8. Women and Children First - Van Halen

In the world of rock and roll, there's always a certain debate that goes around concerning whether Van Halen fit the mold of a metal band. While what they played was certainly intense on their first handful of records, you wouldn't necessarily call their fun loving attitude on songs like Jump heavy on first listen. If their credentials were in question though, Women and Children First brought the pain like nothing else at the time.

Being three albums in at this point, this was where the Roth era of the band really found their strength, with Eddie bringing out some of the heaviest riffs of his career, even when playing them on keyboards like And the Cradle Will Rock. Compared to the hair metal bands that were riding their coattails, you couldn't get more heavy than the atmosphere of Romeo Delight or the punk leaning antics of Loss of Control.

To put things into perspective, there are acoustic tracks on this album, and they still manage to keep up the intensity, like the wild freakout on Take Your Whiskey Home or making a pub singalong at the end of Could This Be Magic. On this album alone, Van Halen were staking their claim that they weren't just some party rock band. These were the kind of tracks that were going to put them in the same breath as bands like Zeppelin.

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