10 Perfect Rock Albums Of The 2000s

9. Youth & Young Manhood - Kings Of Leon (2003)

Long before the pop rock singles Sex on Fire and Use Somebody, Kings of Leon were a southern-rock playing bunch of misfits from Nashville, Tennessee.

Originally signed as a duo, lead singer Caleb Followill and his drumming brother Nathan invited their 16-year-old brother Jared (who didn’t even play bass at the time) and guitar-playing cousin Mathew to form a band. They spent a month locked away with an unholy amount of marijuana and came up with what would be the basis for their first album.

Opening up with the toe-tapping Red Morning Light, this album left critics and music lovers in no doubt that this was going to be the next big rock band.

It’s hard to believe bass player Jared had barely touched an instrument before recording this; his punchy melodies underpinned the whole record. With pounding drums and blues infused guitar licks, this sounded like a classic rock album from the '70s. But, with the unique, and at times screechy, southern drawl of Caleb’s lyricism, we got a timeless rock album, covering topics from sex, alcoholism and religion.

These guys really have the UK to thank for their initial success. Back home In the US, people were less receptive to three sons and a nephew of a Pentecostal preacher, turned rockers, but Brits have always been known for their good taste...


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