10 Perfect Rock Albums Ruined By One Bad Song

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Nothing can really be considered perfect. Regardless of how many people may want to heap mountains of praise on what they like, there's always going to be that one person who's going to go against the grain and call something out for what it is. But if the public universally says that something is bad, it just makes the good stuff look worse by comparison.

It almost hurts to put together albums for this list, since so many of them have such great material to choose from. Some of the songs on here are on par with some of the greatest rock and roll out there, only to be kneecapped by songs that just kill the moment. More than just your standard bad song, these are the tracks that suck you out of the experience entirely and make you wonder what the hell you're even listening to.

As opposed to just the standard mediocre track, these are the songs that make you shake your head and genuinely wonder about the sanity of your favorite artists. Because if they didn't have the common sense to keep something like this off of their flawless album, what does that mean for the less than stellar albums that they have?

10. Great Expectations - KISS

After Alive! blew the doors wide open for KISS, it was time for the shock rockers to really tighten up in the studio. Using superproducer Bob Ezrin as their production guru, Destroyer was the first KISS studio release to crack the mainstream, bringing with it the road dog staple Detroit Rock City and even nabbing them a People's Choice Award for the power ballad Beth. But there's a limit to the theatrics, and Gene Simmons is well past it on Great Expectations.

For a band that was already known to lay the circus energy on pretty thick, the idea to have a string accompanied ballad wasn't necessarily the worst idea in the world. Where Great Expectations slips is in the execution though. This is clearly not a song that you want the Demon persona of the group singing, especially when he starts addressing this nameless groupie about what he plans to do with them once the show is over.

Also, having the innocent children's choir singing along with you as you talk about your sexual escapades presses all the wrong buttons both in the '70s and today. While you could just chalk it up to different times, there's absolutely no reason for any KISS fan to call this their favorite song or anything.

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