10 Perfect Rock Songs On Terrible Albums

The Few Saving Graces.

Linkin Park One More Light
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Not every rock album ever made is necessarily a walk in the park. On many occasions, some of the greatest songs ever made were absolute torture for bands to create in the studio. Though it sometimes pays to suffer for your art, that doesn't mean that everyone else is going to feel the same way about it.

That being said, each of these hit and miss albums have moments that deserve to be up there with the best in the band's discography. Just like one bad track can kill an album's momentum, these are the kind of songs that pick you up out of your seat and actually start to get you into the record. Whether it's a departure from what they usually do or just a reminder of the simpler times, these are at least a breath of fresh air from the more lackluster tracks that you have to sift through on these albums.

They weren't enough to salvage the project though, with most of these going down as either low lights in the artists' discographies or (in some cases) some of the worst albums that the genre has to offer. Although these records left us disappointed as a whole, these are the tracks that gave us hope for the future. No matter how bad it might seem now, the band that we know is still in there somewhere.

10. Codex - Radiohead

There's a good contingency of Radiohead fans who would happily burn someone like me at the stake for daring to say something bad about the King of Limbs. After years of hindsight though, it's fair to say that the loop based approach to this record was a bit hit and miss, right? No matter how amazing Thom's dance moves were in the video for songs like Lotusflower, we didn't need any memes to understand why Codex was so good.

Out of all the songs on the record, this is the kind of stripped down piano ballad that we've known Radiohead for, almost like it was continuing on the melancholy theme that we had already heard an album ago on Videotape. Thom is also on his A-game here as well, with the performance coming alive when they did their live takes from the Basement shortly after the album was recorded.

The only problem is that this comes right towards the tail end of the record, with songs like Separator and Give Up the Ghost lulling you back into the more hypnotizing mood that we were used to. Since most of this album was about setting up a mood with loops, you can't dispute that Radiohead made the album that they wanted to make. It's just a shame we didn't get more songs with this kind of spark.

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