10 Rock Bands That Continued Without Major Members

9. Al Sobrante - Green Day

Sometimes having to fire a member of the band isn't always a piece of cake. Besides cutting ties with someone who helped you cut your teeth in the early days, you also have to think about everything else they bring to the band than just showing up for gigs and writing the occasional riff. Or in Green Day's case, the guy who's responsible with getting you almost half the way there.

When Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe Armstrong were first starting as the band known as Sweet Children, their name change to Green Day also ushered in the inclusion of drummer Al Sobrante, who had already been a veteran of the underground punk scene at the time. Aside from his precision behind the kit, Al also had a hand in the production of Green Day's records and worked as the band's de facto manager at the time.

Once you start to grow up though, things start to change pretty quickly, and Al announced that he would be leaving the band to go to college shortly after the release of their debut record 39/Smooth. Having to think on their feet, Billie ended up catching a gig with the local band The Lookouts, with an obnoxious young kid behind the kit named Tre Cool. When Al showed up to say hi during the recordings of Kerplunk and saw Tre behind the kit, there was definitely a change in the air. This was the sound of the pop punk legends finally finding their groove.

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