10 Rock Bands You Forgot Were GREAT

Two words: Club Foot.

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Sometimes it's better to burn out than to fade away. Neil Young thought so, and Kurt Cobain tragically died with those very words in mind.

But sometimes it's the fans that drift away rather than the artists ceasing to create music. As music lovers mature, their taste develops, which often results in bands being left by the way side in favour of something more inline with fans current sensibilities.

Unfortunately, bands are seeing less and less support in general.

It's easier for record labels to put money into one young kid with a bucket full of talent and a knack for Garageband, rather than a group who have the potential to break up. It's just a sad truth that even current rock bands are appearing less frequently in the charts.

No doubt there are old favourites you don't listen to anymore. Sure, you've paid attention to the odd single release over the years, but you haven't really done more than that. So, take some advice: Every now and then it's worth scrolling back through your old playlists and taking another listen to those acts who used to dominate your play count.

These are those bands many of us used to collectively love, but for whatever reason they no longer get the attention they deserve.

10. Cage The Elephant

When Cage the Elephant released their debut album in 2008 they looked like the next big thing. At a time when indie rock was dominating the popular rock stations, the Kentucky boys brought a bit more edge to the scene.

Known for the frantic stage presence of lead singer Matt Shultz and his rhythm guitarist brother Brad, the bands raw punk energy was a mark of their shows. With both Shultz brothers specifically referencing Iggy Pop as an influence, it's no surprise their early gigs were known for getting a little raucous.

Although tracks like In One Ear and James Brown showcased the bands energy, it was the laid back single Ain't No Rest For Wicked that grabbed peoples attention.

The track centred around a simple driving chord progression with a slick slide guitar riff at its core. You could hear all kinds of influences in this number. The drum beat was reminiscent of industrial trip-hop, there was a touch of Beck in the melodies, and of course it was laced with southern rock - but it was uniquely Cage The Elephant.

Although they've had success with later singles such as Come A Little Closer and Shake Me Down, as well as bagging a Grammy in 2015 and 2020 , it was that explosive first album way back in 2008 that put them on the map.

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