10 Rock Bands You Forgot Were GREAT

9. The Raconteurs

Jack White was really churning out the heavy blues rock during the 2000s, releasing five great albums with The White Stripes. He also formed The Raconteurs and in 2006 they gave us their first single Steady, As She Goes.

It would be an oversimplification to say they were just The White Stripes with a bigger sound. Sure, they had a similar vibe... , and it's impossible for Jack White to sound like anything other than Jack White. It's no bad thing, his distinct and domineering sound is why fans love him, but it does mean almost everything he does get's compared to his most well known band.

Really though, The Raconteurs were so much more. That first record Broken Boy Soldiers contained a litany of musical references, with the title track feeling like a Led Zeppelin number fed through an americanised southern rock filter.

But it was the addition of Brendan Benson that made this band stand apart from White's other projects. Lending his vocals to the mix, he brought a counter balance to White's brilliant but somewhat screechy sound.

They've kept making music over the years, but if they've slipped off your radar, it's worth revisiting some of their earlier work.

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