10 Rock Songs That Have Obvious Mistakes In Them

8. Cigarettes and Alcohol - Oasis

One of the biggest hurdles that Oasis had to deal with in the early days of their career normally had to do with drummer Tony McCarroll. While by no means the greatest drummer in the world, the borderline punk nature of him hitting the skins on songs like Supersonic and Bring It On Down is what gave Definitely Maybe such an urgent sound when it started storming up the charts in the mid '90s. Not all of his performances were solid though, and Cigarettes and Alcohol was a prime example of that.

When you hear the studio version of the song, there's a wild amount of static hiss that opens up the track before Noel Gallagher goes into his iconic guitar line lifted from T. Rex. This may have just been a nice way to build up the atmosphere of the track before coming into the main song, but Owen Morris may have been thinking a bit more practically when he decided to open the song like that.

Looking through the original stems of the song, there's actually a glaring error at the start of the song, where Tony comes in along with Noel and gradually starts to go out of time with him before the song actually kicks into high gear. Tony may have been the best drummer for these songs in the early days, but it makes sense to replace him when you have to add atmosphere to cover up some of his mistakes.

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