10 Songs By The 1975 You've Been Sleeping On

9. Rather Be

2014 was truly the year of The 1975's real breakthrough towards world domination but even this writer remembers having massive concerns that the band simply wouldn't be able to replicate their studio brilliance in a live setting.

Happily, this wasn't the case and they became fairly regular performers on Radio One's Live Lounge whilst promoting their single releases and The 1975 have built up an incredible repertoire of covers that are readily available on YouTube and other platforms.

The leading example of their innovation and supreme capabilities as live performers came in April 2014 with their version of Clean Bandit's hit: Rather Be. Utilising their mastery of synth and Matty's divisive vocal stylings, the band gave a completely different take on an already near perfect song.

Sure, their other Live Lounge covers are incredible but the complexity of this performance proved that The 1975 weren't hiding behind studio doors.

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