10 Songs That Got To Number One By Two Different Artists

9. Lady Marmalade - Labelle And Christina Aguilera

Usually anyone releasing a cover song during the height of their popularity is just doing it for fun. They could just throw out another great single cut, but you sometimes just want to cut loose with a song that you know kills from the first note you play. And it's not like the camp who put the Moulin Rouge soundtrack together didn't realize the gold they had on their hands here with Lady Marmalade.

Granted, most of the songs in Moulin Rouge involve taking something old and updating it for the modern culture. Given the showiness behind the movie though, resurrecting a classic soul song from the peak of the disco era was almost too perfect, with Christina Aguilera using her tremendous range to blow the original version out of the water.

While the LaBelle original still works as an amazing dance track, Aguilera's version may be more popular now than the original...and without changing the greatest parts of the song no less. As much as it could have sounded dated, the chant section of "Hey sister, go sister" is still in there, with Aguilera putting all the soul she can muster into the track to make sure it works for the retro aesthetic. For a song that was easily pushing 30 years at this point, it's almost impossible to make something sound this good after all these years.


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