10 Songs That Got To Number One By Two Different Artists

8. You Really Got Me - The Kinks And Van Halen

Anyone ever slogging it out in a grimy garage with a band has probably heard You Really Got Me more than they wanted to. Given its dead simple arrangement by the Kinks, this is exactly the kind of song that works just as well booming out of a grimy stereo as it does in the middle of a sold out show. Since this was called the first hard rock song though, it was only natural for it to get boosted up just a little bit more.

In one of the ballsiest moves in rock history, Van Halen actually put this out as their first single in 1978. Despite the curse of your first single being a short cut to one hit wonder status, Eddie's trademark licks made everyone stand up and pay attention, trading in the wild freakout of the '60s classic for the classic double hand tapping technique that would become the benchmark for guitar gods going forward.

Aside from the raw musical arrangement, the charisma coming off of David Lee Roth was made for this kind of song, turning this song of infatuation into a borderline obsession with his lover. She's got him so he can't sleep, and we'd probably lose many more nights of sleep if it means hearing this song one more time.


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