10 Terrible Rock Bands With One Incredible Album

9. My Own Prison - Creed

There's a part of your writer that doesn't even want to call Creed a bad band. For all of the hang-ups that come with Scott Stapp's butt rock delivery, Mark Tremonti is a fantastic guitar player and Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips are certainly no slouches behind their instruments either. And on their first step up to the plate, it looked like we were about to see another rock titan start to walk the Earth.

Although we eventually got to see the more embarrassing side of this band on albums like Weathered, My Own Prison is a lot moodier than what would come later. The greatest strength of this album is it's the least... well... Stapp-sounding out of them all. As opposed to the emotional "powerhouse" vocals that would come later, Stapp either takes a backseat on some songs or has a much more growly register, which tends to suit him a lot better.

Also, if you were to put this into the realm of Christian rock, this is some of the top tier stuff that that genre may have ever produced, especially when going for the moodier cuts like What's This Life For or the title track. With this kind of songwriting in tow, no one could have imagined that the quality control was about to hit a massive brick wall on the next record.


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