10 Terrible Rock Songs By Legendary Rock Bands

When Gods Make Mistakes.

john stamos the offspring

As time goes on, you can't expect to match perfection forever. Even with some of the greatest bands of all time, not everything that they release can really be called a masterpiece time after time. Then again, if you have to sacrifice quality, you'd think that it'd at least be a little better than this.

Across multiple generations of rock music, these rockers have turned in both some of the best and worst that rock has to offer in its time. Granted, not every band makes it to a terrible song by not trying. Sometimes there's a lot of creative input involved, only to have the experiment not work. Other times, it's the producer who turns something that showed a lot of potential into absolute trash. Hell, there are even times where the song itself is decent but the band themselves aren't the right person to be singing it.

And on the worst of occasions, there are bands that write bad songs because they're creatively spent and are just looking to cash in with a track that seems to be in with the kids these days. Compared to the classic material these artists have to offer, this is the equivalent of taking a nosedive in terms of quality and plummeting all the way down to the bottom.

10. Magic Pie - Oasis

Some of the biggest Britpop fans have been spending the past few years washing their hands of Oasis' Be Here Now. Although this wasn't a colossal failure by any stretch of the imagination, this feels like the moment where the entire Britpop movement concaved in on itself and started its downward slide. And while there are a couple of decent songs on this record, stuff like Magic Pie doesn't help the album's case.

After going through the big singles like D'You Know What I Mean, this is the one track that practically kills all of the momentum that the album has going for it, with some of the doofiest lyrics that Noel Gallagher has ever written. Then again, this is Oasis! We shouldn't have to worry about lyrics not making any sense, especially since we listened to stuff like Digsy's Dinner all the way back on Definitely Maybe.

The big problem here though is how straight the band is playing. At least on the joke tracks on the last few albums, you could tell that the group were at least having fun. With Noel having basic chords strumming and singing about how he's got his magic pie, this is not the same kind of nonsensical song to shut your brain off to. This feels like one of the greatest songwriters going back to the basics out of pure exhaustion.


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