10 Underrated Hard Rock Albums Of The 1990s

The peak of the rock genre may have passed, but these albums still deserve some recognition...


As the 90s began it seemed like the peak era of hard rock had passed. As the decade went on we saw less and less of the glam hair, leather outfits and motorcycles, replaced by country ballads, hip hop and Britpop. The rock genre itself was evolving, with a greater focus on grunge in particular - let's face it, when you think of 90s rock, the first band that springs to mind is Nirvana.

Of course, there were still some great classic hard rock albums being released. The likes of the Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion double album, Metallica's Black Album and emerging bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers all proved to be great successes in the decade. Beyond that though, there's still a catalogue of content to choose from.

Here's ten underrated albums of the 90s (you can check out some choices from the 80s here) that either got overlooked by the changing music industry or just aren't that well-listened to today...


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