10 Worst Songs On Classic Albums

Sonic Trash Among the Classics.

Radiohead Kid A

Every now and again, an artist tends to hit on a formula that's pretty much failproof. Instead of just working on a couple of songs and hope for the best, these records turned into huge cultural events upon release and took the rest of the music world by storm. While the album might be amazing, the same can't be said for these songs.

As much as we may hate to admit it, no record is perfect. Despite some of the halo effects put over more classic artists, there's always have that one song that no one really cares to bring up. What makes it all the more jarring though is when said tracks are put right in the middle of what could be a perfect album. Rather than be another hint of brilliance, most of these songs tend to sound clunky next to the sonic juggernauts that are around them. After tons of pre-production and hours and hours of artistic woodshedding, these little table scraps somehow found a way to make it into the final mix of our favorite records.

Even though the artist in question might have had the best of intentions, these foul-ups are either weird experiments gone wrong or just coaxing on easy mode. Then again, that's what skip buttons are for, right?

10. All By Myself - Green Day

As the grunge explosion came to a stunning end with Kurt Cobain's death, rock fans really needed something like Green Day's Dookie. After years of having songs about depressing topics and sensitive matters, here was an album that was both a vicious throwdown and a ray of poppy sunlight all at the same time. Just don't stick around to the very end though.

For as much as the final song F.O.D. serves as a great sendoff for this pop punk masterpiece, there's a little bit of studio noise which reveals a hidden track in All By Myself, which is a comedy track performed by Tre Cool. Though some hardened Green Day fans had gotten used to Tre's weirder tracks on stuff like Dominated Love Slave, that kind of charm is not showing up here, with most of the tone coming off as creepy most of the time.

Whereas the first entry was about Tre's fixation with S&M, this is a song about stalking a girl that you like and having really disgusting fantasies about her while in her house. While they do try to hide it with an acoustic guitar foundation, the playful instrumentation just makes everything feel that much more creepy. Usually hidden tracks are just more hints of awesomeness, but this is the one hidden cut that would best be left hidden.

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