12 Best Female Rock Singers Of All Time

10. Joni Mitchell

In the world of rock music, no artists' music has been more picked apart than Bob Dylan. The folk rocker was known as one of the premier lyricists of his day, with songs that captured the sound of the times in a way that few other artists could. If Dylan was the more political writer with traces of rock and roll mixed in, Joni Mitchell rose to prominence through the sheer beauty of her poetry.

With every single word she laid down on the page, Mitchell had a way with melody that made you feel like you were floating above the clouds every time her music came on. Even when describing the deep-seated sting of heartbreak on albums like Blue, Mitchell's delicate voice made it feel like everything was going to be alright.

Mitchell was also not afraid to comment on the times like Dylan, penning some of the most poignant tunes of the entire genre from the memorial to peace in "Woodstock" to the inevitable passage of time that we see in "The Circle Game." There are many rock artists known for their impeccable wordplay, but there was no other musician who seemed to put their entire being on the page quite like Joni Mitchell.


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