12 Most OVERRATED Hard Rock Bands Of All Time

10. Boston

There's no denying that Boston have left their mark on the rock genre as a whole. With their impressive debut album, the band brandished great songs and production techniques that no one had ever thought of before. As time went on though, the cracks started to form a lot quicker than you probably remember.

From top to bottom, the band's first record is a classic, but records like the followup Don't Look Back show just how quickly this band ran out of gas. Though the music never went too far the other way into being reprehensible, hearing the same type of polished rock song again and again was bound to weigh on listeners at some point. On the other hand, hits like "Amanda" would find their way onto the charts without fail, which were good but not exactly on the level that many expected the band to be at.

It would make sense that Tom Scholz and co. faded into relative obscurity as being a decent 70's band, but as of late, they have continued to be talked about as one of the greatest bands that the decade to offer. There's no disputing the band had some great moments, but the material beyond their breakout success doesn't necessarily deserve the adulation it gets.


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