12 Times Eminem Spit Lyrical Fire

10. Killshot (2018)

Eminem has been involved in countless feuds since the beginning of his career. From Insane Clown Posse to Mariah Carey, Eminem has both received and given plenty of criticism through songs.

After Em allegedly sabotaged Machine Gun Kelly’s career - due to a 2012 tweet from MGK stating that Hailie, Em’s daughter who was sixteen at the time, was ‘hot as f*ck’ - MGK dissed his former idol on Tech N9ne’s track, No Reason, in early 2018.

Later in 2018, Eminem released the album Kamikaze without any prior warning. The track ‘Not Alike,’ featured on the album, and in it, Eminem disses Kelly, saying how next time MGK wants to release a diss, don’t do through a featured spot.

Machine Gun Kelly took Em’s advice and released Rap Devil (playing off Eminem’s earlier track Rap God), a full length diss track, mocking Em over his age, his compulsive behaviour, and how he is not as good as he used to be.

When being asked about the track in an interview with renowned rep reporter, Sway Calloway, Em called the whole thing ‘pitiful,’ and just a tactic used by Kelly to gain reputation off of Eminem. He was unsure whether to respond, claiming that if he responded to all of the diss tracks about him, it would take him five years (and how that alone contradicts the idea that he is ‘irrelevant’).

Never one to hold his tongue, Eminem did respond with a diss track of his own. Two weeks after Rap Devil, Eminem released Kill Shot, disparaging MGK through many different rap styles and Em’s trademark wit. The lines, ‘Younger me? No, you the whack me, it’s funny but so true / I’d rather be 80-year-old me than 20-year-old you / ’Til I’m hitting old age / Still can fill a whole page with a 10-year-old’s rage’, demonstrated that, while no longer the provocative upstart, Eminem still has chops and not someone to be taken as an easy target.

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