12 Worst Sellout Albums In Hard Rock

11. Demolition - Judas Priest

Judas Priest hardly owes the music world anything after laying the groundwork of heavy metal. With screamer Rob Halford at the helm, the band crafted dark tales of rock and roll glory that have stuck in the minds of metalheads everywhere. However, what happens when you take the Metal God out of the equation?

Right after completing the tour for the band's return to form album Painkiller, Halford decided to leave to focus on other projects. While the band initially had a worthy replacement with Tim "Ripper" Owens, their second effort Demolition was one of the most ill-advised moves to come from the band's A&R department. Instead of being the bright sounding metal of years past, this feels like a deliberate attempt for the band to nab a spot on the nu metal hype train before it leaves the station, with Owens staying in his lower range rather than letting out the insane screams he's known for.

Though the band's congregation felt burned by this record, they were overjoyed just a few years later when Halford finally returned to the throne on Angel of Retribution. With this disastrous album in the rearview, we can safely say that Demolition was the worst offering that Judas Priest had attempted. ALMOST...

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