15 Love Songs For Valentine's Day

15. Nine Inch Nails €“ Perfect Drug Trent Reznor doesn't really like this song; it was knocked together for the Lost Highway soundtrack, and is perhaps one of the most simplistic Nine Inch Nails song there, it's song writing by the book, albeit the industrial-tinged alt rock book. I really like this song though, always have, perhaps because it does stand out in the NIN catalogue. However, it's not my favourite NIN track, not by a long shot, but it is a brilliant bit of adrenalized industrial rock that verges on being pop music, and it's a love song. Love is an addiction, and the lyrics of this song sum that up brilliantly, as Reznor sings of being basically a mess and torn up inside by the love as all powerful craving, because his love is, as the song states, the perfect drug. The addiction might be torment, but that release, that love is all worth it. Besides 'without (it) everything falls apart.

14. Say Anything €“ Alive With The Glory Of Love 'When I watch you, I wanna do you right where you're standing' might kick this love song off a little lustfully, but this song is not just a song of wanton passion. No, this song tells the story of a couple whose love is being torn apart by the Holocaust and their blatant disregard for the war and everything trying to interfere with their live. Better yet, it's semi-biographical and based on singer/songwriter Max Bemis's grandparents who were actual Holocaust survive. It is a genuinely brilliant song, and as it states not just of the song's story and its protagonists, but the song itself too is 'alive with the glory of love.' And let's be honest, that person you love more than anything, when you see them, don't you want to do them right where they're standing?
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