5 Iconic Rock Bands Currently Touring Without Their Original Frontman

4. Foreigner

Foreigner contributed a plethora of work to the music world. "I Wanna Know What Love Is", "Cold As Ice" and "Waiting For a Girl Like You" are all part of the bands extensive discography which spans 9 albums over 32 years. This resulted in the sale of over 80 million records with their fifth full length topping the U.K charts and entering the top 5 list in America.

Success bred contempt between the band’s guitarist Mick Jones and their singer Lou Gramm. Gramm wanted to stay true to the band's 70s rock roots and Jones favored the 1980s ballad-esc style that had become popular during the bands peak.

These differences came to a head in 1990 when the vocalist decided to exit Foreigner to focus on a solo career. Two years later, Gramm would rejoin the band due to his lack of success as a solo artist as well as his replacement's inability to connect with fans. In 2003 the singer with was diagnosed with a brain tumor which hampered his ability to continue performing well.

The band finally replaced Gramm with Kelly Hansen in 2003 and continued to make music. Foreigner can currently be seen touring across North America and with dates announced through April 2020 they show no sign of calling it a career.

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